2021/6/30(Wed)は jettison です。

今日は"China's ruling Communist Party censors its past as centenary nears"と言う記事からです。









lst (赤字がアクセント)



Etymology Dictionaryによれば、1848, "to throw overboard," especially to save a ship in danger, from jettison (n.) "act of throwing overboard" to lighten a ship. This noun was an 18c. Marine Insurance writers' restoration of the earlier form and original sense of the 15c. word that had become jetsam, probably because jetsam had taken on a sense of "things cast overboard" and an unambiguous word was needed for "act of casting things overboard."

Middle English jetteson (n.) "act of throwing overboard" is from Anglo-French getteson, Old French getaison "act of throwing (goods overboard)," especially to lighten a ship in distress, from Late Latin iactationem (nominative iactatio) "a throwing, act of throwing," noun of action from past participle stem of iactare "to throw, toss about"



Oxford Learner's Dictionariesによれば、to throw something out of a moving plane or ship to make it lighter、to get rid of something/somebody that you no longer need or want、to reject an idea, a belief, a plan, etc. that you no longer think is useful or likely to be successful と説明があります。順番に「航行中の飛行機・船から積み荷)を投げ捨てる」、これは語源と同じです、次に「(重荷になるもの・不要なもの)を取り除く」、最後は「(考えや提案)を捨てる」です。


While it describes its first decades as a triumph of Marxist ideas, there is no mention of the theoretical contortions that allowed the party to jettison the collectivism of the Maoist era and launch market reforms that transformed its economy into the world’s second-largest and also one of its most unequal. *1



contortionは、a movement that twists the face or body out of its natural shape; the state of being twisted in this wayが元の意味で、比喩的にはa complicated series of actions or thought processとなります。つまり「ゆがみ、ねじれ」ですね。

collectivismは、the political system in which all farms, businesses and industries are owned by the state or by all the peopleのことで、「集産主義」と言うらしいです。これは初めて聞いた日本語です。





*1:The Japan Times 2021/6/30