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ponderは、レベル6、英検準1級以上、TOEIC® L&Rスコア730点以上の単語です。





pɑ́ndər (赤字がアクセント)




Etymology Dictionaryによれば、from Old French ponderer "to weigh, poise" (14c., Modern French pondérer) and directly from Latin ponderare "ponder, consider, reflect," literally "to weigh," from pondus (genitive ponderis) "weight," from stem of pendere "to hang, cause to hang; weigh". Meaning "to judge (a matter or action) mentally, weigh carefully in the mind" is attested from late 14c.です。


Oxford Learner's Dictionariesによれば以下です。

to think about something carefully for a period of time
・SYNONYM consider
 - ponder over something:She pondered over his words.
 - ponder on something: They were left to ponder on the implications of the announcement.
- ponder something: The senator pondered the question for a moment.
We intend to ponder all the alternatives before acting.
- ponder whether, what, etc… :They are pondering whether the money could be better used elsewhere.
- + speech ‘I wonder why,’: she pondered aloud.


One key difference in the two incidents is the age of the suspects. The 24-year-old suspect in Saturday’s incident is nearly 20 years younger than the assassin who killed Abe last year. As observers ponder the social implications of these two incidents and what they might mean going forward, demographics are useful for consideration in assessing potential trends or systemic concerns. *1


2 つの事件の重要な違いの 1 つは、容疑者の年齢です。土曜日の事件の 24 歳の容疑者は、昨年安倍首相を殺害した暗殺者より 20 歳近く若い。第三者がこれら 2 つの事件の社会的影響と今後の意味を熟考するとき、人口統計は、潜在的な傾向や体系的な懸念を評価する際の検討に役立つ。


assassinはa person who murders somebody important or famous, for money or for political reasons、demographicsはdata relating to the population and different groups within itです。また、going forwardですが、in the future, starting from nowのことで、「今後は」の意味です。





*1:The Japan Times 2023/4/15の記事